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Curriculum Council - May 10, 2019
Curriculum Council - August 24, 2018



Presentation Handout

Accountability (State and Federal) Update
Chronic Absenteeism
College & Career Readiness Indicators - Seal of Biliteracy
SARC template

Dashboard Redesign
Changes to the CA school dashboard coming this Fall

Demonstration and Dialogue: Assessment Data
CAASP ELA and Math All by Grade Level
Math Data Pack
ELA Data Pack

Standards, Assessment, Curriculum, Frameworks & Legislation
2018 Science Adoption Events
Health Framework
Computer Science updates
California Healthy Youth Act
Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum
HSS Adoption Toolkit

Using the HEALTH framework and standards as foundation for Social Emotional Learning
Health Standards
2019 Draft Health Education Framework

2018-19 Professional Learning Opportunities

Curriculum Council Meeting - Archives


May 11, 2018


Presentation Handout

Standards, Accountability, and SBE Updates
Federal Addendum website
Federal Addendum

Science Preliminary Indicators Communication Toolkit

ELPAC and EL Roadmap
ELPAC Academy Year Two
California English Learner Roadmap
EL Roadmap Launch Events


Preparing Educators for Inclusive Learning Environments

Capturing Quantities
Fostering Math Practices
Routines for Reasoning

Katie Novak - UDL Now

2018-19 Curriculum Council Meeting Dates


March 23, 2018


Presentation Handout

Mental Health and Wellness - Suzanne Grimmesey
Presentation Handout
Santa Barbara County Behavioral Wellness
Pamphlet in English

Computer Science Standards - Preview of Draft and appendices
Practice Cards - CS Standards, Mathematics Standards, NGSS SEPs

LCAP Resources
Annual Update example
Guiding Questions as you write the LCAP Annual Update

Upcoming PD Opportunities
ELPAC - Initial
Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively
Adaptive Schools


February 2, 2018


Presentation Handout

LCAP Update

Data Tools for Planning and Stakeholder Engagement

Improving Outcomes for Students with Disabilities
MTSS Application
Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively
Train the Brain

Standards and Frameworks
Computer Science
History/Social Studies

Title III Update
Inclusion of Title III Funds in the LCAP
ESSA LCAP Addendum
Title III Supplement vs Supplant Guiding Question

Awards, Grants and Upcoming Opportunities
Salute to Teachers Nomination
Adaptive Schools
Robotics Symposium
CISC Symposium


December 1, 2017


Presentation Handout

Grant Update:
SBC4 Grant FAQ
MTSS Cohort 3 information

Accountability Update:
New 5x5 grids for Academic Indicators

ELPAC Resources:
Domain Information Sheets
Vocabulary from released ELPAC

Standards Implementation:
WestEd Standards Implementation in CA report
Mathematics Placement Act of 2015
California Healthy Youth Act
FAIR Resources
2016 History-Social Studies Framework

VAPA: Culturally Responsive Arts strategies

Train the Brain workshop flier
Innovation Day workshop flier - registration link



October 13, 2017


Presentation Handout

Assessment Updates

SBAC Interim Block Assessments


SBAC Usability Guidelines

Matrix One worksheet


EL Roadmap

EL Roadmap Policy

Comparison document

EL Roadmap Reflection Tool

EL Roadmap 4 Principles Mat

Action and Services Cards


Cyber Monsters


Teacher Recognition


Learning Opportunities

Ignite Santa Barbara Count: Pathways to Equity in the Arts

Adaptive Schools

Robotics Symposium 2.0

Echoes and Reflections

Demonstrating Culturally Proficient Practices

Introduction to Restorative Practices & Using Circles Efficiently




August 25, 2017

Curriculum Council Dates 2017-18


Presentation Handout

CA ESSA Application

CA Dashboard
Local Indicators
State Indicators

Assessment Timeline

MTSS Grants - Cohort 2


History Social Studies
Framework Rollouts
Publishers' Fair
Echoes and Reflections
Demonstrating Cultural Proficiency

ELPAC and EL Update

Instructional Leaders Network

CISC Symposium


MAY 12, 2017


Presentation Handout

CA Dashboards
5x5 Placement Reports
ESSA State Plan
LCAP Addendum Sample

LCAP Sample Language for Foster Youth

West of the West

Collaboration in Common
Intro Video

CA Student Privacy Alliance Resource

2017-18 Curriculum Council Dates

Upcoming Events
NGSS Rollout 1.5 Symposium
Early Learning Summer Institute
PBL 101


MARCH 24, 2017


Presentation Handout

Title 3/EL Update

Expanded Learning and After School

On the Horizon
Engaging English Learners in the Common Core ELA/Literacy
Social Studies Framework and Materials
Summer PD: PBL 101, NGSS Rollout 1.5 Symposium

Accountability Update, LCFF Dashboards and Communication
Core Messages
Key Points
Guiding Questions

JANUARY 27, 2017


Presentation Handout

MOXI: The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation

Creativity at the CORE
Example Module
Example Lessons: Pop-Up Green Dream Houses
Masks in Theatre

Project Overview Jazz and Miles Davis
Stone Soup Trepak Dance

EdTech Rapid Cycle Evaluation Coach

Assessment Update
Framework and Adoption Timeline
3-year Assessment Timeline
CAASPP Student Accessibility Graphics

Accountability Update
Academic Indicator Matrices
English Learner Criteria for State Indicators
Tools for Local Indicators: Priorities 2 and 3

Upcoming Events


DECEMBER 9, 2016


Presentation Handout

Hands Only CPR Brochure

Sources, Denominators and Definitions of English Learners
for State Indicators

LCAP Template and Directions

Plan Summary and Highlights

Scenario Handout

Upcoming Professional Development events
Ed Tech Connect
Robotics Symposium
Posing Problems to Develop Problem Solvers
Using Mathematics Performance Tasks for Instruction and Assessment


OCTOBER 28, 2016


Presentation Handout

Update on Accountability and LCAP
Development of State Indicators
Metrics and Reporting

After School Languages Brochure

A Salute to Teachers RSVP

Upcoming Professional Development Events
Nov 1 ERWC
Nov 1 e-Matters
Nov 2 Building a TK Classroom
Dec 6 Fundamental Fractional Reasoning
Dec 7 Diana Laufenberg - Effective Unit Planning
Dec 13 SBCEO CAASPP Institute


SEPTEMBER 30, 2016


Presentation Handout

Overview of State Accountability System
Required Metrics
Graduation Rate and ELI Performance Categories
Data Cards Graduation Rate English Learner Indicator
College and Career Readiness Indicator
Link to Draft of the LCAP and Word Version

Assessment Update
Assessment Timeline

English Learner Update
Sample ELD Standards Tool available from SBCEO Print Shop

A Salute to Teachers

Instrument Outreach with Santa Barbara Bowl

E-Matters: Major Technology Issues for Leaders November 1

NGSS with Kathy Di Ranna October 12


AUGUST 26, 2016


Presentation Handout

Social Studies Framework

County Summary Data
County Growth Data (4th grade example)
State Data from SSPI Torlakson
Interim Blocks

Top Level Data Display Prototype

SBCEO Professional Learning Catalog

CISC Leadership Symposium: Make It Personal


MAY 13, 2016


Presentation Handout

Transition Plan for ESSA

Framework Executive Summaries for Math and ELA/ELD

2016-17 Planning Doc

CA Gold Ribbon Schools

SBCEO Teachers Network

ERWC High School Training

2016-17 Curriculum Council Meeting Dates


APRIL 15, 2016


Presentation Handout

Assessment and Framework Updates
Matrix One
Science Assessment Information and Timeline
History Social Science Framework Draft
Science Framework Draft

Accountability Update
ESSA - Transitioning FAQs from Feds
ESSA Update (CA Memo)
State Accountability Update Memo & Graphic

Legislation - New laws impacting program
Mathematics Placement Act of 2015 Text Letter
Comprehensive Sexual Health Education: Text of EC-51930-39 FAQs

New Education Bills to Watch

EAP and 4th Year Courses
Posters: Guide to College Readiness Pathways
ERWC information

Sections 3A and 3B
Sample Language for Foster Youth

Reclassification of English Learners in Santa Barbara County

Upcoming Opportunities
Echoes and Reflections: Teaching about the Holocaust
April 28, 2016 $25/person Flier Registration

CELDT TOT and Calibration May 10 and 24, 2016 Flier Registration

Transitional Kindergarten Summer Institute for University Credit
Save the Date


FEBRUARY 5, 2016


Presentation Handout

Free downloadable Common Core Standards Brochures by grade span.

Student Score Reports for Summative Assessment

Comparison of ESSA and LCFF

ELPAC Blueprints

County ELA/ELD Adoption Plans

Thrive Santa Barbara Presentation

AB 854 - Foster Youth Coordinating Program
Text of AB 854

Universal Design for Learning Opportunities
UDL for Adminstrators (Mary Schillinger), March 2
UDL Now (for teachers), April 21

Unpacking and Implementing California's New ELD Standards, Apr 27 & 28
Examining ELD Snapshots and Vignettes, March 17

FREE tickets still available for March 6 screening of West of the West: Tales of the Channel Islands
email to reserve your tickets


DECEMBER 4, 2015


Presentation Handout

Assessment and Accountability Updates
EAP Materials
Rubrics - LCAP at WestEd
Every Student Succeeds Act (ESEA Rewrite): Conference Framework

Science Framework
Draft of the Science Framework Chapters
Framework Overview Graphic
Link to 2016 Science Framework Survey

Mathematics Instructional Design
Student Work
Peg Smith workshop flier - elementary
Peg Smith workshop flier - secondary
Adaptive Schools

LCAP Sample Tools and Resources

Hour of Code (December 7-13)
County list of registered events

Ed Tech Connect



OCTOBER 16, 2015


General Presentation

Legislation Updates
Extended Transitional Kindergarten

Recently Signed and Vetoed Legislation

  SB 172 - Liu: Pupil Testing: High School Exit Examination: Suspension
    SB172 FAQs (CAHSEE Suspension)
  SB 359 - Mitchell: State Mathematics Placement Act of 2015
  AB 329 - Weber: Pupil Instruction: Sexual Health Education
  SB 695 - De Leon: School Health Education: Sexual Harassment Training
  SB 750 - Mendoza: English Language Education: English Learners
  AB 146 - Garcia: Pupil Instruction: Social Sciences: Deportations


VETOED - AB 101 - Alejo (D): Pupil Instruction: Ethnic Studies - Veto Message
VETOED - AB 141 - Bonilla (D): Teacher Credentialing: Beginning Teacher Induction - Veto Message

Diana Laufenberg
Systems and Structures for 21st Century Learning
Ted Talk: How to Learn? From Mistakes

LCAP Update and Work Session
Santa Barbara County LCAPs
Required Metrics
Acronym list

ELA/ELD Adoption
Toolkit Training: NEW DATE December 10
Programs recommended for adoption
5 Program Types (page 5)

Dual Language
Central Coast Dual Language Collaborative

Educational Technology Services - Save the Date

Channel Islands Film Project
Website and preview
Kickstarter Campaign and tickets to premier on March 5-6, 2016

Gold Ribbon Schools
Information for elementary application



SEPTEMBER 11, 2015


Presentation Handout

Standards Curriculum and Materials Update
Blueprint for Great Schools Version 2.0
Framework, Standards and Materials Update
SBCEO Publishers' Fair Information
2015 Adoption Toolkit

CAASPP and Assessment Update with Marci Perry,
Senior Assessment Fellow, CDE
SBAC Interim assessment blocks
SBE September Update - Assessment and Accountability

Transitional Kindergarten
SB 876 Transitional Kindergarten Requirements
Upcoming Informational Meetings
Institutions offering units
2015 TK Professional Resource Guide for Administrators
Welcome to TK workshop for new TK teachers

Grants and Awards
Performing Arts Teacher of the Year
Gold Ribbon Schools

Upcoming Professional Development
ELA/ELD Framework Overview September 22
ELD Standards Overview October 21

Intro to Number Talks (3-5) September 23
Putting the Pieces Together ( 3-5) September 30
Putting the Pieces Together (1-2) October 15
Intro to Number Talks (K-2) January 28
Preparing for Peg Smith February 2 (Elem) and February 3 (Secondary)
FactWise Multiplication October 27 and FactsWise Addition October 28

Assessment - Their Purpose and Why They Matter September 29
Interim Assessment October 8 SBAC Interim Assessments
Doug Fisher Designing a Formative Assessment System
December 8 (Secondary) February 10 (Elementary)

Kristin Swanson Professional Learning in the Digital Age October 1
(21st Century/Learning Culture)
Zaretta Hammond Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain
October 13/November 4 (Equity/Social Justice/Instructional Design
Katie Novak Universal Design for Learning November 10
(Equity/Instructional Design/General Education Teachers)
Diana Laufenberg Systems and Structures for Creating 21st Century Learning Experiences November 18 (Secondary Leaders/Instructional Design/21st Century)
Jo Ann Vasquez NGSS Science and Engineering Practices October 20
(Secondary Science teachers)

CISC Leadership Symposium
Leading to Ignite Innovation February 22-24. Register by October 30


MAY 8, 2015

May 8, 2015 Agenda

Resources from the Meeting

General Curriculum Council Presentation

Special Education Task Force Report
Executive Summary
Full Report

Universal Design for Learning
CAST website

LCAP Approval Tool
Required Metrics

2015-16 SBCEO Featured Speakers and Events


MARCH 27, 2015

March 27, 2015 Agenda

Resources from the meeting:

General Curriculum Council Presentation

Smarter Balanced/CAASPP Resources
CAASPP Individual Student Reports NEW - Updated 05/18/2015
Graphs of STAR and CAASPP results
SBAC Interim Assessment Number and Type
CAASPP/Smarter Balanced FAQs
Slides from March 12 SBCSBA meeting

ELA/ELD Framework Snapshots and Vignettes
Matrix of all Snapshots and Vignettes

Snapshot examples used today

  4.6 4.10 5.5 5.9 6.5 6.6  

LCAP Check-in
LCAP Review Manual
LCAP Data metric sources


JANUARY 30, 2015

January 30, 2015 Agenda

Resources from the meeting:

General Curriculum Council Presentation

Proposed Amendment to 2015 AYP Accountability Workbook

Interim Assessments
CDE Interim Assessment Page
Interim Assessments Structure and Understanding

CAASPP Preparation Checklist

Digital Library Tip sheet

Achievement Level Descriptors (Math)
Achievement Level Descriptors (ELA)

Workshop Fliers:
PASC Flier
Adaptive Schools Flier



Dec. 12 agenda

Resources from the meeting:

General Curriculum Council Presentation

CA Framework, Assessment and Adoption Updates:
Framework and Adoption Schedule
2015 ELA/ELD Adoption information
CAASPP and ELD Assessment Schedule

Smarter Balanced Resources
SBAC Interpretation and Use of Scores
SBAC ALDs and Threshold scores graphic
SBAC Achievement Level Descriptors (Math)
SBAC Achievement Level Descriptors (ELA)

LCAP Resources
SBE Approved 2015 Template in English
SBE Approved 2015 Template in Spanish
Formatted Template
Annual Update crosswalk
Section 2 crosswalk

Positive Classroom Norms


OCTOBER 17, 2014

For the Oct. 17 agenda, click here

Resources from the meeting:

General Curriculum Council Presentation

Smarter Balanced Assessment:

Presentation: Kathy Caric, Senior Assessment Fellow

Interim Assessment Statement of Purpose

2014-15 California Assessment System

ELA SBAC Blueprint

Math SBAC Blueprint

Computer Science:

Computer Science Overview

Hour of Code Video 1 Video 2

Links to CS Resources

Workshop Flyers:

Digital Leadership in the 21st Century

Connected: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century


SEPTEMBER 19, 2014

For the Sept. 19 agenda, click here

Resources from the meeting:

General Curriculum Council Presentation

Standards, Frameworks, Materials and Assessments Timeline

Letter from AICCU in Support of CCSS

Senior Assessment Fellows

ELA/ELD Framework Chapter 8: Assessment, Pages 1-15

For the full chapter, click here

Care for Our Earth Grant

Instructional Strategy Team Coaching Grants

Instructional Strategy Team Member Grants


Digital Library Resources:

Digital Library User Provisioning Tips

Uploading User Records

CSV File Hints for the Digital Library Provisioning Upload

Digital Library User Template

Digital Library Tutorial